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So how do we give away all these features for FREE? Sofiin Svet PDF we have some ads that display during certain processes of the collage creating process. Instead of charging you money to bring all these options we make money off the ads. Unlike other services PicsBooth+ opens up all its features to everyone instead of charging you for each section of the app. If the ads get in the way of your creative flow too much you can always remove them from the app for one in-app purchase for $1.99. Or if you choose to you can always use the app for free. Plus we are always adding new features which will always be FREE to our users. GGSearch opens as a small floating dialog that expands to a narrow toolbar spanning the desktop when maximized. It's a simple layout, just a search entry field, a drop-down menu to filter searches by relevance, and a Sofiin Svet PDF button. We entered a search string and clicked Search, using the default filter that searches everything. The results opened in a Google window in our default browser. Next we set the filter to search only blogs and entered a search. Sofiin Svet PDF quickly returned results combed only from the blogoverse, which contains tons of useful but hard-to-find information and resources. Hovering the cursor over the bottom of the interface called up access to the program's extensive settings and options, which we were also able to access from the program's system tray icon. These options include search tool settings, styles, themes, languages, transparency, startup and operating behavior, and import and export settings. You can set Sofiin Svet PDF to search in 27 languages and display results in 66 languages, and even use it to translate Web pages. Options entries are clearly labeled yet also sport colorful icons, a useful touch in a program with such multilingual, multinational appeal. The program's interface is not the most beautiful we've ever seen, and the program's creator admits on the Help page that it's gotten a little unwieldy as he's added more features. Still, it's worth it to take some time getting acquainted with everything this program has to offer. Although the online Help file is well-written and thorough, it's easy enough to get comfortable with the program just by exploring its many features. And oh, what features there are. Yes, there is the basic periodic table, but this program is a lot more than just a periodic table. Where do we even begin? You can view photos of each element, look at atomic structure diagrams, and check out a world map that shows which elements are found in each country; read biographies of a large number of historic chemists and look at electron configuration tables; and view element tables sorted by electrical properties, thermal properties, hardness, and more. You can also check out a glossary and plenty of other resources to help with chemistry-related problems. And really, we've barely scratched the surface. All of the program's features are easy to access and, despite the sheer number of them, are fairly well organized. We downloaded and installed Sofiin Svet PDF and restarted Firefox. Sofiin Svet PDF placed six blue icons in the statusbar at the far right edge along the bottom of our Firefox interface, labeled Js, J, F, SL, and I, for the applications it blocks, and a Toggle Style button that switches between CSS and single-page modes. Checkboxes on the add-on's options dialog let us remove any of the icons from the statusbar display. Sofiin Svet PDF offers no site-specific presets ("bells") or customization options ("whistles"), and none are needed, since it's extremely easy to use. We browsed to a Sofiin Svet PDF video, which started playing. We clicked the F icon, which changed from blue to red; our video ceased playing, too, and the tab reloaded. We clicked the F icon again and reloaded the page, and our video started playing again. Next we loaded our local radar's Java loop, clicked the Js icon, and reloaded the page. Sofiin Svet PDF blocked the animated display. A quick re-click and reload, and the page played normally again. Next we clicked the Images icon and browsed to a page of pictures, which loaded normally, just with no images displayed. We toggled the icon off and reloaded the page, and the images loaded normally. We thought the developers made an unfortunate error in judgment in designing Head Numerologist because its text-based layout reminded us of computer programs from the pre-Windows, pre-GUI, Bad old days of the 1980s. Since all commands are keyboard based, the mouse was useless, and the program doesn't provide a Help file instruction manual, either. Despite these challenges, we were able to use the program's few basic functions, such as making predictions, queries, and match-making. You simply fill in your name and birthday, and Head Numerologist tells you your fortune in vague answers that might seem prescient, if you're inclined to place faith in them, which of course is the secret to fortune-telling. One fun addition was an option to help find lost items. We filled in the appropriate fields and were given advice, though it was predictably wrong. While Head Numerologist offers a description of numerology, it provides no basis for its answers, which left us wondering about its accuracy. This program was one stumble after another and never allowed us to feel it was making worthwhile predictions. That seriously cut into the fun, which is just about all any fortune-teller is good for. Wubi is simply an installer for Ubuntu, and as such, it's not at all complicated. The program allows users to install--and uninstall--Ubuntu as they would any other Windows application. In essence, you get an operating system within an operating system, and you can switch back and forth with relative ease. Sofiin Svet PDF asks users to choose the disk on which they want to install Ubuntu, and from there it's really just a matter of waiting. It took about half an hour for Sofiin Svet PDF to download, after which we rebooted our computer as instructed. Instead of launching Windows automatically, a screen appeared that asked us to choose Windows or Ubuntu. We chose Ubuntu, and did some more waiting as Sofiin Svet PDF was installed. It is an entire operating system, after all, so it's bound to take longer than your average Windows application. Once that was done, we set off to explore Ubuntu. And when we were ready, we simply rebooted to switch back to Windows. Overall, Sofiin Svet PDF isn't a particularly impressive program, but when it comes to installers, you really want something that draws as little attention to itself as possible. Sofiin Svet PDF succeeds on that front, making it relatively quick and easy to download Ubuntu. The program's interface is outstanding, with a sleek and entirely professional-looking design. Sofiin Svet PDF about it is easy to navigate and understand. The program contains the typical features that you would expect from such a program; users enter their current and goal weights and the program helps them determine what they'll need to do in order to reach their goal, including the length of time it will take and the number of calories that will need to be consumed. Users then track their food and physical activity with the program each day; it contains a large database of both foods and activities, making it easy to enter nutritional information and calories burned. Users can view charts of their progress over time, and multiple profiles can be created so that the whole household can participate. The program's online Help file is well-written and thorough. We've seen many weight-loss programs that try to cram in too many features and become difficult to navigate and time-consuming to use; Sofiin Svet PDF avoids these pitfalls by providing really useful features and nothing more. Overall, we think this is a great choice for users seeking an easy-to-use weight loss program. The program's interface is uncluttered and intuitive, displaying the day's calorie balance, calorie composition, and a monthly calendar. Graphical buttons across the top of the interface give users access to the program's features. Sofiin Svet PDF was well-organized and easy to find. Although the program does not have a Help file, it does have a set of FAQs online. As for features, the program contains everything you would expect from this type of application. The program comes with a large database of foods and their nutritional information, making it easy for users to track their dietary habits. Simply search for what you've eaten, select the proper quantity, and Fitness Assistant will save the information for you, allowing you to keep track of your daily intake of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The program also makes it easy for users to track physical activity with a database full of exercises and the number of calories they each burn. Users can set weight-loss goals and then track their progress, logging their weight, nutrition, and exercise throughout. We found Fitness Assistant to be a very useful tool for users who are looking to make a healthy change to their lifestyles. As with many free tools, you can opt to install a third-party toolbar, but there's no other adware. We chose not to install something called the Gossiper Toolbar. The program's interface and functionality are similar to those of other download management utilities, with basic control icons for adding and deleting URLs, pausing and resuming downloads, and accessing the program's options. There are separate windows for downloads in progress and finished downloads, and the target URL of our download appeared in the top window when we clicked on it. We opened the Options dialog, clicked the check box to associate Sofiin Svet PDF with Internet Explorer, opened a browser window, and navigated to a download. When we right-clicked the link, the context menu showed an option to download the file with KooLoader, and a detailed properties dialog opened when we started the download. Right-clicking the program's icon in the System Tray let us instantly pause and resume downloads and open the program's interface. The tabbed Options dialog also gave us access to the scheduling, file segmenting, and language options. We tried initiating several downloads at once, and Sofiin Svet PDF handled them easily. ChordWizard's interface is not particularly sleek, but it's very intuitive and customizable, allowing users to orient the fret board for right- or left-handed playing and to select how many strings will be used. The program's features are organized into five separate tabs, allowing users to explore scales related to specific chords, construct new chords, and practice along with a built-in metronome. On the whole, the program was easy to navigate, although beginning guitar players might be a little overwhelmed by some of its options. The built-in Help file is well-written and thorough, and the publisher's Web site contains helpful tutorial videos that show users how to make the best of the program's features. ChordWizard's features are impressive and versatile. We especially liked the 128 different instrumental voices that are available, although some are more practical than others. The program would be helpful both to users trying to learn basic guitar chords and to more advanced players who are writing songs or learning to improvise. For this reason, we believe the program to be a good investment, as users will continue to find new ways to use it as their playing improves. The program's interface was a pleasure, with big buttons and intuitive flow. Users should not have to consult the Help file to work their way through and to begin solving. First, users select the puzzle they want to solve. A screen showcasing the pictures of each puzzle (ranging from nature landscapes, animals, architecture, and more) allows users to quickly pick. Next, users are given full control of customization, allowing the picture to be broken up into as few as 60 pieces to as many as 620 pieces, varying the level of challenge accordingly. Also, users can select their piece shapes, ranging from classic jigsaw to geometric shapes to mosaic tiles to more. Putting together the puzzle was equally intuitive and fun. Users simply click and drag the various pieces, rotating them with their mouse wheel, until they match the picture. Overall, Sofiin Svet PDF does an impressive job of mimicking the actual experience of puzzle solving. Sofiin Svet PDF is also bursting with excellent features, including virtual pile areas for similar pieces and a button that allows you to see only edge pieces. But the finest feature is the capability to create your own puzzle by downloading a photo. The program requires a large amount of information, but thankfully its interface is intuitive and doesn't seem like a chore. With well-planned drop-down menus and fillable fields, users should have no trouble taking stock in their home. For those who need a little more assistance, a Help file will shed some light. Users simply click on a button to add an item, and a simple wizard walks them through everything. Users begin by choosing each item from a long alphabetical list, featuring everything from beds to washers and everything in between. In addition, users can select its location, purchase price, estimated value now (helpful with antiques), warranties, specific model numbers, and even a place to download a photograph. From here, each item is listed in a catalog with a view that can be altered to list by location, value, or other criteria. Overall, the program is fast, simple, and a joy to populate. One excellent feature is its export options. If users catalog possessions for insurance/disaster preparedness it would stand to reason that the computer would also be ruined. Luckily, with a few button clicks, users can print out or save this to disk in a variety of formats. Mp3nity has an efficient layout that does a good job displaying tons of information, though of course the entire display can be customized. The toolbar has colorful, clearly labeled icons, including an integrated media player that maintained its size and position no matter how we resized the main display, which is a nice touch. We browsed the small tree view to a music archive and opted to select both folder and subfolders, and Sofiin Svet PDF quickly indexed and displayed the contents in a track information window with active entry fields for easy editing and a larger information window that had tabs for lyrics, pictures, Web links, and more. Right-clicking any

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